iSystems Limited hosting servers are located in Auckland and are housed in a secure building

Unleash the Kiwi Speed Advantage: Why Choose Local NZ Hosting?

We understand the importance of website performance, especially for businesses targeting New Zealand audiences. That's why we offer premium hosting on servers located right here in New Zealand.  Here's how going local with your hosting can give your website a winning edge:

Local Speed, Global Reach: Distance matters! By hosting your website in New Zealand, you minimise the physical distance data needs to travel. This translates to lightning-fast loading times for your visitors, keeping them engaged and happy.

Enhanced Security & Daily Backups: Rest assured, your valuable website data is safe and secure. We implement industry-leading security measures and perform daily backups to protect your website from unforeseen events. In the unlikely event of an issue, we can restore your data quickly and efficiently.

Superior Customer Support: Time zone differences can be a hassle.  With local hosting, you get the benefit of timely and efficient customer support from our team of experts based right here in New Zealand.  We understand your needs and can address any issues promptly.

Data Sovereignty and Security: Keeping your data within New Zealand provides peace of mind.  You'll be subject to familiar data privacy laws and regulations, ensuring your information is protected under the legal framework you know and trust.

Local SEO Boost: Search engines often favour websites that cater to a specific region.  By hosting locally, you send positive signals to search algorithms potentially improving your website's ranking in New Zealand search results.

Supporting the Local Economy: Choosing a local hosting provider keeps your business within the New Zealand ecosystem.  You'll be contributing to the local tech landscape and fostering a strong digital community.

Simple and Transparent Pricing: We offer competitive hosting plans with clear pricing all in New Zealand dollars – no hidden fees or conversions.

Make the Switch to Local Hosting Today!

Experience the benefits of local hosting firsthand.  We offer a variety of plans to suit your website's needs, from basic shared hosting to powerful dedicated servers. Contact our friendly support team today to discuss your options and get started with your high-performance website.

Don't settle for anything less than the best for your Kiwi audience.