iSystems Limited hosting servers are located in Auckland and are housed in a secure building

Hosting is the physical location where your web site is stored.  It is to this location that people viewing your website are directed.

Pure Linux web hosting.  Why Linux?  Linux is more stable, faster, and more secure than other web hosting server operating systems.  We offer a range of hosting packages starting from only $24.95 per month.

iSystems Limited hosting servers are housed in a major and secure data centre in Auckland.  Our servers have an uptime rate of over 99.99%.  In English that means that your website is available almost all of the time.  In fact iSystems hosting servers have one of the highest up times in the industry!

Perfect for business web hosting needs.  Enough space and bandwidth traffic to house most websites.


iHost Website Hosting


Price is plus GST, billed monthly
  1. Fast, NZ-Based Servers
  2. 5GB Storage Space
  3. Unlimited Traffic per Month (fair use applies)
  4. Access via Multiple Domain Names
  5. Basic SSL Certificate
  6. 5 Email Accounts
  7. Server-based Website Statistics
  8. Free Email SPAM Filtering
  9. Free Email VIRUS Filtering
  10. Webmail Access
  11. PHP8 / PHP7
  12. MariaDB (MySQL)
  13. FTP Access
  14. * Additional server space available - enquire for pricing


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